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Find your Bully Baby!

Experience the Difference!!!

You can only expect the best... when you breed the best!!!

I am employed, by my Rescues, my seniors and my Bulldog family. I raise, show and rescue. Grant it, I have taken in a few rescues that were not bulldogs, but all are in hopes to transition them out of bad situation and hopefully into a home that will make them the center of attention. I believe every dog deserves that chance, that's why I ALWAYS take my babies back No matter the circumstance. No matter how old they are they will always be my babies and a part of me. I have been rasing and rescuing bulldogs for about 12 years and showing for about 10.

I raise my bulldogs, in hopes to be an all around, happy, healthy well adjusted puppy.

I don't want to just sell you a bulldog, I want to also provide you with more than the average breeder. I strive to be the Breeder that I would want to buy a puppy from. Our goal is to ALWAYS produce high quality, healthy bulldog. None of my puppies will be HUU affected. Meaning, they will not carry the hereditary gene that cause kidney stones. This is a MUST KNOW.

My babies have OUTSTANDING and IMPECCABLE Pedigrees and Genetics with Sire either Champion, or champion sired himself. Bloodlines are incomparable, DNA on mom and dad, health guarantee included.

This is a loving, sensitive and social breed, and we respect it and only want the best for our babies. We are very passionate about the breed.

Also we are EXCITED to announce the we now can help assist you in breeding Services Including in house, same day Lab Progesterone testing and can also confirm with Ultrasound.

These are just a few of my past puppies!

Ellie and

Baby Cakes Serenity All Is at Peace




Chiristy's Bailey Hugs N Kisses


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